Why Choose Us


We offer a range of tourism services,leisure programs and medical services with well-trained elements and a good selected programs for different age categories

Medical Services

We offer the best services in this field with accompanying cadres and we are cooperating with the most famous and progressive medical institutions in Ukraine


We choose the most popular universities in Ukraine, We offer a wide range of services for new students, and training in universities in special language courses.

The best conditions for study and tourism

Our location is a fantastic assist for us, being in the prosperous city of Kharkiv, the largest business district in Ukraine. It allows our services to cover all cities of Ukraine

Discover a new country Ukraine

Information for prospective students and travelers

About cities

In this section, you find informations about the Ukrainian cities where you can learn about the history and features and advantages of the major cities of Ukraine.


About the study

In this section, you find informations about the universities which globally recognized in Ukraine where you can get affordable and quality education, specializations available, study fees and how to apply.

About our services

In this section, you find informations about the assistance that we provide for students wishing to study in Ukraine, or customers wishing to visit the country for the purpose of tourism or business.

Our Services

  •  provide all the necessary information and consultancy in the educational path.
  • obtaining acceptance and the study invitation from the Institute or the desired university.
  • ensure access to academic visa from Ukrainian embassies.
  • travel coordination of the student and the student reception at Ukrainian airports and border crossings.
  • complete the registration procedures in Ukrainian institutes and universities.
  • providing adequate housing (a residence hall, furnished apartment).
  • health insurance, health care, academic supervision.
  • issuing identity cards, university residence card, international student card.
  • open for the student bank account in different banks of Ukraine.
  • assist in the transfer procedures from one university to another.
  • provide separate rooms for female students in university housing.

If you have already made your decision to study or to visit Ukraine