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Academic Year 2021-2022


SpecializationEnglish languageUkrainian languagePeriod of studyDegree


(Fees by City)

Kharkiv Medical University4800$4300$6 yearsBachelor
Kharkiv Karazina University4500$3450$6 yearsBachelor
Dnipro4300$4200$6 yearsBachelor
Zaporozje4100$3100$6 yearsBachelor
Poltava4300$4100$6 yearsBachelor
KYIV4500$4300$6 yearsBachelor
Odessa4370$3410$6 yearsBachelor
Lviv4400$3900$6 yearsBachelor
Chernihiv4000$3500$6 yearsBachelor
Chernivtsi3900$3300$6 yearsBachelor


(Fees by City)

Kharkiv5300$4800$5 yearsBachelor
Poltava4600$3885$5 yearsBachelor
Zaporozje3300$5 yearsBachelor
Dnipro4800$4300$5 yearsBachelor
KYIV4200$4000$5 yearsBachelor
Odessa5120$3980$5 yearsBachelor
Lviv4900$4400$5 yearsBachelor
Chernihiv4400$2900$5 yearsBachelor
Chernivtsi4300$3800$5 yearsBachelor


(Fees by City)

Kharkiv4700$4070$5 yearsBachelor
Zaporozje4000$3000$5 yearsBachelor
Odessa3980$3410$5 yearsBachelor
Lviv3800$3400$5 yearsBachelor
Chernivtsi3800$3800$5 yearsBachelor

Medical Specialization

Medico-biological1900$4 yearsBachelor
Orthopedic Surgery4500$4 yearsMaster
Urology4500$4 yearsMaster
Gynecology and Obstetrics4500$4 yearsMaster
Radiology4500$3 yearsMaster
Dermatology4500$4 yearsMaster
Esoteric Diseases and Perspectives4500$4 yearsMaster
Eye Surgery4500$4 yearsMaster
Nursing2750$2500$4 yearsBachelor
SpecializationEnglish languageUkrainian languagePeriod of studyDegree
Medical Equipment Engineering1700$1400$4 yearsBachelor
Computer Engineering1700$1400$4 yearsBachelor
Software Engineering17001400$4 yearsBachelor
Computer Science
17001400$4 yearsBachelor
17001400$4 yearsBachelor
Information Systems and Technology
17001400$4 yearsBachelor
Mechatronics Engineering2200$2000$4 yearsBachelor
Communications Engineering1700$1400$4 yearsBachelor
Biotechnology and Bioengineering2000$4 yearsBachelor
Aviation Engineering3000$2300$4 yearsBachelor
Aviation Command34000$2 yearsPPL/CPL
Air Navigation3500$3000$4 yearsBachelor
Petroleum Engineering2500$2300$4 yearsBachelor
Electronics Engineering2200$4 yearsBachelor
Control Engineering2200$4 yearsBachelor
Architecture2700$2200$4 yearsBachelor
Visual Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration2000$4 yearsBachelor
Civil Engineering2500$2000$4 yearsBachelor
Roads and Bridges Engineering2200$4 yearsBachelor
Micro and Nano S. Engineering2200$2000$4 yearsBachelor
Automobile Engineering20001800$4 yearsBachelor
Adapt and Cooling Engineering2200$4 yearsBachelor
Water Systems Engineering2200$4 yearsBachelor
Nuclear Power Engineering2500$4 yearsBachelor
Maritime2200$4 yearsBachelor
Mechanical Engineering2000$1800$4 yearsBachelor
Radio Engineering and Broadcasting2000$4 yearsBachelor
Electric Engineering2000$1800$4 yearsBachelor
Chemical Engineering2000$1800$4 yearsBachelor
Interior Decoration Design2000$4 yearsBachelor
Graduate Studies3100$3000$2/4 yearsMaster/Phd
Engineering and technical science and science1900$4 yearsBachelor
SpecializationEnglish languageUkrainian languagePeriod of studyDegree
Management and Business Administration1800$1500$4 yearsBachelor
Public Management and Administration2000$4 yearsBachelor
Business, Trade and Exchange Activities2000$4 yearsBachelor
Accounting2000$4 yearsBachelor
Economy1800$1500$4 yearsBachelor
Political Science2000$4 yearsBachelor
Social Work
2000$4 yearsBachelor
International Law1800$1500$4 yearsBachelor
Law1800$1500$4 yearsBachelor
Biochemistry2000$4 yearsBachelor
Chemistry1800$4 yearsBachelor
Biology1500$4 yearsBachelor
Ecology 2000$4 yearsBachelor
Marketing2000$1800$4 yearsBachelor
Teaching Methods2000$4 yearsBachelor
Physics and Astronomy2000$4 yearsBachelor
Applied Physics and Nanomaterials
2000$4 yearsBachelor
Mathematics2000$4 yearsBachelor
Geology2000$4 yearsBachelor
Press and Media2000$4 yearsBachelor
Journalism 2000$4 yearsBachelor
International relations2200$4 yearsBachelor

Foreign Languages

3100$3100$4 yearsBachelor
4100$4100$2 yearsMaster


3100$4 yearsBachelor
4100$2 yearsMaster
International economic relations1800$4 yearsBachelor
2500$1.5 yearsMaster
Hospitality Management2200$2000$4 yearsBachelor
Humanitarian sciences1900$4 yearsBachelor
Psychology2800$4 yearsBachelor
3550$2 yearsMaster
Management of foreign economic activities
1300$4 yearsBachelor
1400$1 yearspecialist
2250$(WHOLE PERIOD)1.5 yearsMaster
Management of Organization1300$4 yearsBachelor
1400$1 yearspecialist
2250$(WHOLE PERIOD)1.5 yearsMaster
Hotel & Restaurant business1300$4 yearsBachelor
2250$(WHOLE PERIOD)1.5 yearsMaster
Applied Mechanics /
Power Machine Building1200$4 yearsBachelor
1300$1 yearSpecialist
2250$(WHOLE PERIOD)1.5 yearMaster
Food Technologies
+technology of bread , confectionary , pasta production and food concentrates
+Technology of storage , canning and processing of fruits and vegetables4 yearsBachelor
+Technology of storage , preservation and processing of milk1200$1 yearSpecialist
+ Technology of storage , preservation and processing of meat1300$1.5 yearMaster
International Economic Relations\ Finance, Banking and Insurance \ Accounting and Taxation
1200$4 yearsBachelor
1300$1 yearSpecialist
2250$(WHOLE PERIOD)1.5 yearMaster
Environmental Sciences2200$4 yearsBachelor
Physical education2200$4 yearsbachelor
Design of Environment2800$4 yearsBachelor
3300$2 yearsMaster
Multimedia Design2800$4 yearsBachelor
3300$2 yearsMaster
Fine Art2800$4 yearsBachelor
3300$2 yearsMaster
Physical Education and Sport1800$4 yearsBachelor
2200$1.8 yearsMaster
Physical Rehabilitation2000$4 yearsBachelor
2200$1.6 yearsMaster
Jurisprudence2200$3 yearsBachelor
Management / Financial Economic Security2200$3 yearsBachelor
Business Security3000$3 yearsMaster
Private detective activity3000$1.6\1.8 yearsMaster
State Legal Profile
Forensic Medicine3000$2 yearsMaster
Natural therapy2500$4 yearsbachelor
Graduate Studies3000$2500$2 years
Preparatory Year English Language
2000-2650$8 months
Preparatory Year Russian Language
1800 – 2550$8 months

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Additional Information


Important information for fraternity students at registration by page:

1) Registration for the preparatory year in English language or Russian language is open throughout the year .

2) For the academic year (2021-2022) First-year students and students after preparatory year and transferred students from other universities the deadline to reach the Ukrainian territory and register is 01.11.2021 or you need to wait for the new academic year, which begins in September 1 every year.

3) Students who wish to study in English without preparatory year there is a language exam and the deadline to pass it and register is 01.11.2021, except some universities that’s working with the system of registration in the two semesters there registration ends 1/03/2022.

4) Photos certificates and passport must be scanned not by mobile devices. (Example)

5) The necessary documents for registration:

• school certificate success (baccalaureate)

• page marks (grades)

• the first page of the passport

• university degrees with page materials, estimates or grades for graduate students.

Important notice to students who have completed the application After checking all information on the website, the service “Payment of postage and courier taxes” is available.
We draw your attention when you convert admission fees into tuition and shipping, a fee of 2.5 % of the amount transferred is charged.
The discount rate includes the bank commission and the conversion of the national currency.

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