Bogomolets National Medical University Kyiv

O. Bogomolets National Medical University is the most famous medical university in Ukraine, its graduated and graduating doctors in many different disciplines.

Bogomolets National Medical University was founded in 1840 by order of King Mykola who ruled the territory of Ukraine.

And studying at university today about 13,441 students, including more than 1,500 international students from various countries around the world, some of them taught in English.

It consists of teaching university body of professor in 1205, and 526 from the campaign doctoral degrees, and 313 degrees of a campaign Professorship professor.

During the past five years, the university has been able to establish contacts with a number of world-renowned universities, including the University of Oxford, UK, and the Institute of Caraulinska, Sweden, and the University of Alabama, USA.

Every year the university receives about 200 patents in various medical inventions, the university is involved annually in nearly 60 international scientific forums, and published more than 50 scientific studies.

The university today participating in the EU program “Erasmus Mundus” to provide mobility among students and teachers signed with the program and the university as well as for States to cooperate with the World Health Organization in the field of scientific research.