Chemical Engineering

This specialization means studying the design and development of industrial chemical processes or manufacturing, design and construction of factories that the basic process is to be chemical reactions.

Bachelor study chemical engineering study which only in Russian

The duration of study Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, are four years

Branches of Chemical Engineering Disciplines:

• Food

• Consumables

• Medications

• Cosmetics

• Petrochemicals


Kharkiv National Technical University (Polytechnic)

National University of Lviv Technical Sciences (Polytechnic)

Zaporizhzhya National University of Engineering Sciences

Kyiv National Technical University (Polytechnic)

Graduate Studies:

Study master’s and doctorate in chemical engineering majors, master’s two-year duration of the study and doctoral three years

MBA’s costs are US $ 3,000 per year and the cost of doctorate of $ 3,400 per year