Kiev – the capital of Ukraine

Kiev – the capital of Ukraine, scientific, political and cultural center.



Kiev is the capital and largest city, located in the northern center of the country on the Dnieper River. Counting the city’s population 2.6113 million people in 2001 was, however, given numbers greater than that in the local press Kiev is a center of industrial, educational and culturally important in Eastern Europe, it is home to high-tech industries and many of the institutions of higher education, it is also site of many famous archaeological sites. The city has an infrastructure is extensive and sophisticated system of public transport, including the Kiev Metro.

Major cities in Ukraine

In Ukraine there are a number of cities whose population is more than one million inhabitants.


in the north-east

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine in terms of area and population, the largest industrial center and scientific and cultural and administrative center of Kharkiv Oblast. This city was founded in the seventeenth century (1656 – 1654 AD) and remained the capital of Ukraine until the early thirties of the twentieth century. It increases the number of the inhabitants of this city’s one million inhabitants. The city has about 700 memorial, museums, theaters and halls display.


in the southeast

Is the third largest and most beautiful cities of Ukraine with a population of 2.5 million people, is the capital of the province which bears its name and Cultural Center and Administrative largest South-Central region of the country. The city’s economy depends on the industry was during the period of Ukraine’s accession to the Soviet Union and one of the most important cities in the Soviet space and weapons industries. The city’s transportation system depends on the Metro Dnepropetrovsk, which consists of a single line of Metro includes six major stations and the city overlooking the River Dnepro. It founded the city in 1776


on South

One of the majors city in the Republic of Ukraine located on the Black Sea coast. Population of the city speaks Russian language and there are many universities with more than twenty different specialties ranked third after Kiev and Kharkov in terms of old age population of more than a million people where there are four ports and is considered the economic and tourism capital in addition to the international airport and the Opera House and a number of theaters There Vihaadd markets such as Aleneuva Renk Renk Alrado Albraivoz and 7 km (Sudmoi kilometers) famous regionally and he gets customers from non-states away from the capital 750 km and is considered the capital of the province of Odessa, a scenic nature.

Lviv City


Lviv city located in the western part of Ukraine, is bounded on the north and south Fulin and Zacharbatia The east bounded by each of Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk and bounded to the west by Poland.

Estimated area of Lviv by 21,833 square kilometers, about 3.61% of the total area of Ukraine is one of Lviv of the cultural centers of Ukraine, out of the city for the year 1200 m back in the Empire Ukraine-Russian terms established by Prince Danjello and he called the name of his son, Lev “Lev”, through the ages it was a theater for The struggle between the forces that tried to occupy the area . in 1349 AD occupied by Poles and was annexed to the Kingdom of the Polish and Lithuanian. 1772 m annexed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and after the fall of the Empire after World War its became the capital of what is known as the Republic of Western Ukraine, Malbut Poles that occupied it again to include it to the Republic of Poland II.

In 1939 in World War II, the city annexed by the Soviet Union within the Ukrainian part for two years, occupied by the Germans in 1941 until 1944, where it was returned to Sovitien again. After the collapse of the Union, the city became a subsidiary of the current state of the Ukrainian. Since the beginning of its existence has become this city, the cultural capital of the western Ukrainian lands, The history of Lviv is very rich and connected on a lot of cities and empires.

The Lviv today one of the largest cities in Ukraine. It is the place where history meets the art of modern architecture. And even draw a lot of ideas will not need a tour guide, the only thing you need is to start a tour of the old part of Lviv, and you can ask people when you are roaming in the streets. Many of them speak foreign languages.

Zaporizhzhya City


Zaporizhzhya city located in the south-eastern part of Ukraine. The population of the region, 1,783,917 people (according to 2013 census) and covers an area of 27.18 thousand square kilometers.

Zaporizhzhya considered the city of metallurgists, and makers of machinery, with a population of one million people. Zaborouja has a huge economy is in more than 280 Foundation Industrial and commercial, and the largest work in the machinery industry, metallurgy, steel, and chemical and petrochemical industries.

The engineering and the city’s cultural landmarks are the two bridges in the orbital part until a double above the Dnieper River, which connect right and left part of the city through Zabarouja Kortisaa island. The total length of the bridge 54 meters, the longest in Ukraine.

Other engineering landmark at Zaporizhzhya is the longest railway for children in Ukraine, which stretches along 9.4 kilometers. The main street of the city of Lenin Avenue longest streets in Ukraine and Europe, with a length of 10.8 kilometers.

Poltava City


Poltava city in central Ukraine is situated, is bordered to the north by Kiev and to the south by the city of Dnipropetrovsk ,The city of Kharkiv in the east and bounded to the west by city of Cherkasy.

The Poltava area of about 28,700 square kilometers, which represents approximately 4.8% of the area of Ukraine, In terms of the population of Poltava it occupies the 11th place among the cities of Ukraine and has a population of Poltava city of about 296,760 people today.

Featuring the city of Poltava strategic location in the center of Ukraine making it easier to move between them and the rest of Ukrainian cities where the city related to the speed of large railway lines with an operating length of railway lines in the city of about 853.4 km.

Poltava located on the Dnieper-Donets basin of water and slopes where around the city there are about 146 lazy river, a lake, and the most prominent waterways highlights Alforskla River, which cleaves the city into two halves.

The city’s moderate climate somewhat compared with the rest of the cities where the average January temperature -7 ° C, and in July +21 ° C, and the rainfall is about 580-480 mm / year.

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