Collège préparatoire

Duration of the study at the preparatory faculty is full academic year and called this year in many countries and Ukraine preparatory year, in which students learn the Russian language if he would like to receive the study in Russian or if the course you want to study it only in Russian exist, or English the student wants to improve his scientific language or skip the English language test which every student wants to study in English language submitted before enrolling if he does not wish to study the preparatory year.

After completing college preparatory receives students college preparatory diploma and all preparatory colleges, institutes follow for universities and diploma issued by the Ministry of Ukrainian Education College Preparatory, and a diploma equivalent to the high school because the student studying either in the medical fields to the faculties of medicine or engineering field of engineering colleges or humanitarian colleges.

Where the Institute is to teach students the language and rules and then teach some of the articles that are related to who wants to specialize in the study, for example, who wants to study medicine, the Institute teach material related to his specialty, such as chemistry, biology and physics … etc.

Necessary preparatory year for students from some of countries where their countries is not equivalent graduation certificate after the end of the study from Ukraine without college preparatory certificate, because the ministries of education in their countries recommended to study the language of the country in which the student studies.

The student can choose the university that he wants to study the preparatory year where, it is not obliged to examine the preparatory year at the university, which wants to study the specialization, any student can study the preparatory year at the University of the study and then specialization who wishes to study at another university.


Kharkiv University of Radio Electronics

National Aviation University of Kharkiv

National University of Civil and Architectural Engineering