Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Construction and Architecture

Dnipropetrovsk National Academy was founded in 1930, and today enjoys the prestige prestigious among the top academic institutions in the field of construction and architecture of Ukraine, it is difficult to imagine the construction field without distinct technical and scientific studies conducted by academic staff and students.

Academy includes 57 scientific and educational unit, including five colleges, and institutes for ecology and safety during the structural work, and part scientific research, and the institute for testing, design and research.

Taught at the academy about 8,500 students at the hands of Professor 660, and 265 and 78 Dr. professor, assistant professor and 279, as well as 120 members of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Stretching with academic and scientific research units to about 66 thousand square kilometers, and has a research section industrially contain equipment and test kits mechanism to test structures and facilities constructivism.

In addition it operates within 17 academic scientific research laboratories and scientific department to test the design, construction and operation in the engineering geological conditions difficult.

University Colleges:

Computer engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, space engineering, economics, architecture, business management, accounting, environmental and safety, road engineering, finance and credit, Automotive Engineering, Graduate Studies, Preparatory College