Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs (DGUVD)

It offers teachers, students and student library complex with 4 reading rooms of book fund of more than 370 thousand copies of printed works from various fields of law, history, economics, philosophy, sociology, etc., including electronic media, Internet access, framework legislation and normative legal acts of Ukraine, information system “League-Law”, specialized databases MIA of Ukraine, as well as 4 computer classes. Total University computer park exceeds 400 units.


Fund legal literature is the largest in the region and multimedia class of Department of Foreign Languages provides in-depth professional-oriented learning English, German, French, Spanish.

The university has centralized infrastructure in Dnepropetrovsk total area of 11.3 hectares of countryside and a training facility area of 27.6 hectares. Training takes place in a six-story laboratory building, which equipped 14 lecture halls for 1300 seats, 79 classrooms.


On campus there are 3 dormitories, dining room seats 1,200 thousand and sports town with a football and volleyball fields, three specialized gyms, shooting galleries and multimedia. For guests comfortable rooms equipped with hotel-type.

1. General faculties:

– Economic and Information Security.

– Ukrainian and Foreign Languages.

– Philosophy and Political Science.


2. Faculty training for units of Criminal Police:

– Operational activities and special equipment.

– Civil Law and Procedure.

– Special physical Training.

3. Faculty training for departments of preventive activities:

– Administrative Law and Process Administrative Activities.

– Tactical and Special Training.

– Theory and History of State and Law.


4. Faculty training for pre-trial investigation:

– Criminology, Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry.

– Criminal Law and Criminology.

– Criminal Proceedings.


5. Faculty of Law:

– General Legal Disciplines.

– Criminal Subjects.

– Social and Human Sciences.

– Physical Education.

– Civil and Legal Disciplines.