Graphic Design

This specialization is studying ways to design and output optical products achieve the goal designer for.

Bachelor study graphic design study in Russian language only

Any student needs first to study preparatory course of Russian language for a period of eight months and then you can study graphic design

And the duration of Bachelor study graphic design four years

The costs vary from one university to another

Branches allocate GPU:

• Ads

• Design Publications

• Corporate Identity

• Design Books

• Design Cans and Cartons

• Desktop Publishing


Kharkiv National Technical University (Polytechnic)

Kharkiv State University of Radio Electronics

Poltava National Technical University

National University of Lviv Technical Sciences (Polytechnic)

Zaporizhzhya National University of Engineering Sciences

Kyiv National Technical University (Polytechnic)

Graduate Studies:

Master’s and doctoral study in the disciplines of graphic design, for two-year master’s study and two doctoral three years costs MBA is $ 2,500 per year and the cost of doctorate of $ 2900 per year