The documentation required to apply for the call to the school (acceptance)

  • Copy of Secondary School Certificate (baccalaureate) and Page of Degrees.
  • Copy of University Diploma for Graduate Studies.
  • Copy of a Valid Passport (minimum one year)

The student sends documents required for the study of the academic field (acceptance) from the Ukrainian universities through registering on the website and uploading them via the social media of the company or through our representatives and offices or by using the company e-mail : and then The company will register the student at the university and the required specialization in Ukraine When the invitation is issued, the invitation to be representative in the student country DHL or ARAMEX

Rendering stage to get a visa

After the student get the school call (acceptance) he or she has to go to the Ukrainian embassy in his country or to the nearest neighboring country, in the Ukrainian embassy needs the following documents to provide to get a visa, namely:

  •   A valid passport (not less than one year).
  •   General high school diploma or a college degree translated into Russian or English and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and the Ukrainian embassy.
  •   birth certificate translated into Russian or English and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.
  •   free pathogenesis certificate translated into Russian or English and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.
  •   10 personal photos.
  •   Bank statement for the student if he has an account or bank statement with the confirmation of guardian if the account is for the guardian.
  •   Fill of the existing in the embassy special form to obtain a visa.

Click here to download the visa application form


Visa extraction stage

The student needs to take an apppointment to submit his documents to the embassy through the website and then will submit all of the above documents to the Ukrainian embassy where the embassy certify and documenting all the previous certificates and give him a date to review the embassy and receive the visa.

The embassy to hand over the student all the papers and certificates submitted to the embassy, ​​which in addition to the Visa in the student passport.

Preparation for travel stage

Once you get a visa, it is time to prepare for your trip you should choose the right time to travel.

Book your travel ticket in time to arrive at the right time which prefer to be a round-trip ticket and open for one year, but you can book a one-way ticket cause your student visa allow it.

The student should put all the papers and certificates and personal images in addition to the passport in a special file, and this is very, very important all the papers must be in the hands of student ,The student at the airports of Ukraine is required to present all the papers and documents in his possession and the study fees to ascertain them (Only when you reach the territory of Ukraine with a student visa for the first time).

Access and reception stage

You must inform us in advance of the arrival time and information regarding the flight time of take-off and arrival (ticket photo) to extract the letter of reception at the airport from the university.

We will send a representative from our company to meet you at the airport and then deliver you to the university housing for students.

Follow-up the student and help him to complete the registration process at the university, housing and pay the fees at this stage will be extracted for you a health insurance as well as a stay for a year and renewed annually.

The student visa is for three months (90) days ,Students must enter the territory of Ukraine before two months (50-60) days from the end of the visa according to the new amendment in the Immigration and Passports Law for the Student Visa.

Students who wish to study without a preparatory year in English or who have completed the preparatory year and who are enrolled in the required specialization will be eligible for residency throughout the years of specialization.


Very important tips when you get to the airport

 ♦ Record all amounts carried by the student in the document of disclosure of funds and needs accompanying during the procedures for entry in the airport, especially if the student carries over 10,000$. 

 ♦ Pick up original copies of the documents , diplomas and medical certificates (especially the academic invitation document).

 ♦  Don’t leave documents within large bags delivered for shipment, fearing delayed arrival, and the difficulty of quickly obtaining them after arrival.

 ♦ Try to arrive in the official working days (Monday – Friday), to quick finish your procedures.