Ingénierie des routes et des ponts

Is a branch of engineering concerned with the study and design of roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and ports

Bachelor of Engineering of roads and bridges the study in Russian language only

Any student needs first study of a preparatory course for the Russian language for a period of eight months and then he can study the roads and bridges Engineering

And the duration of Bachelor of Engineering study of roads and bridges four years


Kharkiv National Technical University (Polytechnic)

National University of Lvov Technical Sciences (Polytechnic)

Zaporizhzhya National University of Engineering Sciences

Kyiv National Technical University (Polytechnic)

Graduate Studies:

Master’s and doctoral degree study in engineering roads and bridges are in Russian only either for MBA’s two years and three years for doctoral

MBA’s costs are US $ 3,000 per year and the cost of doctoral 3,200 dollars per year