Karazin Kharkiv National University

In the city of Kharkov, Ukraine, “the capital of education ‘as it was in the era of the Soviet Union, was also famous for prior to that in the era of the Russian Empire. This includes most of the university disciplines for all levels, including medicine and engineering university located in the center of Kharkov on the second largest square in the world and was built on a very large area is considered the most luxurious building in the former Soviet Union.

Founded in 1804 the efforts of Vasily Carazan (1773-1842), one of the flags of the Enlightenment in Russia and Ukraine (the university named after him later), to become the second oldest university in Ukraine after Lviv University, which was founded in 1661 year.


Faculty of Human Medicine study period of 6 years after the grant bachelor’s degree study in Russian or English as desired.

Faculty of Biology disciplines: biology, biochemistry, physiology and genetics study period of 4 years.

Faculty of Computer Science disciplines: control and information technology systems, weapons systems study for 4 years.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics disciplines: mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, mathematics study period of 4 years.

Faculty of Foreign Languages: English language, French, German language study period of 4 years.

Faculty of Law disciplines: international law study period of 4 years.

Faculty of Ecology disciplines: environmental science, environmental protection, balanced management of nature study period of 4 years.

Faculty of International Economic Relations and Tourism study period of 4 years.