Kharkiv National University of Pharmacy

It was established in 1805

University departments:


Clinical pharmacy

Laboratory diagnostics

Technology of drugs

Perfumery and cosmetics technology


Economics of enterprises


Management of organizations

Quality, standardization, certification

Analytical quality control

Drugs manufacturing

Higher educational institutes pedagogy

Degree levels:

Bachelor’s, specialist, Masters

Areas of education: biotechnology, economics and business, medical science, organization and management of pharmacy

The National University of Ukraine for the pharmaceutical industry, which is older than 205 years a huge center for Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ukraine and one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, the National University of Ukraine for the pharmaceutical industry and have in Kharkov highest level of government university in Ukraine. Date university constructed the National University of Ukraine for the pharmaceutical industry in 1805 and has long celebrated its second centenary-works at the university more than 830 teachers, including 15 academic and 14 scientific researcher, noted that 80% of university teachers hold a doctorate degree at the present time studying at the university 17 000 students since 1960, the University prepares students foreigners to get a pharmacy degree, the university at the moment is an important international center for pharmaceutical sciences, and the number of graduates of the University of foreigners who received a master’s degree in Pharmacy 5,000 students to more than 80 countries and currently teaches at the University approximately 1000 foreign students

University Colleges:

Foreign students are entitled to six terms of reference  (pharmacology, pharmacy clinical , medical pharmaceutical industry, laboratory analysis, manufacturing plastic materials, certificate of analyzes and assesses medicine) foreign students get a diploma master’s degree study in Russian or English.

The period of study in Russian 6 years, including a year to prepare the Russian language study either English For 5 years without preparation Language

education level

University government Pharmacy in Kharkov internationally recognized standard of higher education and advanced and top-class prepares specialists with the knowledge of pharmacy, where the University has graduated about 47,000 specialist pharmaceutical sciences on the bezel 200 years, and university graduates Aterpon in senior positions that were in the Ukraine or in other countries in the all about pharmaceutical sciences

Construction of the university:

University of five buildings building technological chemistry center, Biology, clinical science, humanities in addition to the five university housing, medical center, gym, Department for growing experimental plants (cultures), a lecture hall, laboratories, the ranks of teaching and sophisticated equipment on the European system