Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

Kharkiv University of Radio Electronic was founded in 1930 and is today one of the oldest universities of advanced Ukrainian which use modern methods of teaching.

First, where the university is considered among all educational institutions in Ukraine where it began in the development and implementation of electronic learning methods and linking student and professor electronically.

The language of instruction at the university are optional on the student either Russian or English and studying at university today about 11,177 students, including more than 2050 foreigners from various countries around the world.

It consists university teaching staff of 683 professors, and 310 doctorate degree campaign, and 132 professorships professor campaign.

The Kharkov University of Radio Electronic University, a pioneer in the development of new teaching methods, and the university is involved with universities in the United Kingdom, Finland, France, Germany, the United States for the integration of universities in a single network which facilitates the exchange between universities process.

University disciplines:

computer Systems and Networks

Specialized Computer Systems

Control and Automation Systems.

Flexible Computerized Systems and Robotics

System Programming

System Analysis and Control

Computer Science

Applied Mathematics

Economic Cybernetics

Information Control Systems and Technologies

Information Technologies of Design

Software of Automated Systems

Intellectual Systems of Decision-Making

Publishing and Printing

Radio Engineering

Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV Equipment

Radio Electronic Devices, Systems and Complexes

Information Communication Networks

Metrology and Measuring Devices

Telecommunication Systems and Networks

Electronic Instruments and Devices

Laser, Optic and Electronic Engineering

Physical and Biomedical Electronics

Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices

Consumer Electronics Equipment

Bio-Technical and Medical Apparatus and Systems

Electronic Devices Production

Telecommunication Technologies and Means

Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students