Kirovograd National Aviation Academy

Kirovograd National Aviation Academy was founded in 1951, where it was called the Air Force College, which was followed by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the soviet union until 1960 and then was renamed Kirovograd National Aviation Academy.

Academy has about three airstrips to fly used to train students in addition to the five detachments airline equipped to fly, and a large number of flight simulators.

During the period of academic work it has prepared more than 110 thousands of pilots, air traffic controllers, heads of aviation services, flight crews and detachments, and heads of departments of airlines, including more than 20 thousand foreign students from over 96 countries around the world.

In 2000 the Academy joined the United Nations Trainer a (an international training program for civil aviation employees), and the academy became a member of the Center for Innovation and international educational programs “INCOS”.

At the present time the academy provided academic training to fly commercial aircraft and one engine, and the airline commercial multi-engine aircraft) and aircraft production, and maintenance of aircraft, and air traffic and air traffic control, navigation and air control and planning of flights, and emergency services and aviation safety.

University Colleges:

Aircraft Command, Aerospace Engineering, Economics, Aerial Surveillance, Air transport, Air Safety, Meteorology, Physics, Mathematics, Graduate Studies, Preparatory College