Oil Engineering

This specialization means studying ways to search and extract oil and natural gas, and oil is a specialty engineering and one of the most famous engineering disciplines, which makes petroleum engineering graduates rare coin, for countries and oil companies.

Bachelor study petroleum engineering study which are in Russian or English (not all universities) students who want to study in Russian need first to study a preparatory course for the Russian language for a period of eight months, after they can study petroleum engineering

Students who wish to study in English language exam upon arrival prior to registration or a preparatory course for the English language for a period of eight months (exempt from the exam) and after they can study petroleum engineering

And the duration of Bachelor study petroleum engineering is four years.

Branches of petroleum engineering disciplines:

• Oil and gas extraction

• exploration and production of petroleum engineering

• drilling and production of petroleum products

• refining and petrochemical

• metals and Materials Engineering

• Oil and gas pipelines

• Engineering Oil and Gas Field Equipment

• geology of oil and gas

• petrophysical engineering


Kharkiv National Technical University (Polytechnic)

Poltava National Technical University

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

Graduate Studies:

Study master’s and doctoral degrees in petroleum engineering majors, master’s two-year study and doctorate three years ,MBA’s costs are US $ 3,000 per year and $ 3,200 for doctorate per year