Physical Therapy

This specialization means the study of scientific methods for the rehabilitation of patients after an injury or surgery

Is also interested in working on the prevention of any permanent complications after an injury and relieve pain and increase the speed of healing.

Bachelor study physical therapy study in Russian language only

Any student needs first study of a preparatory course for the Russian language for a period of eight months and then he can study physical therapy

And the duration of Bachelor study physical therapy four years

Branches of Physiotherapy Disciplines:

• Physical Therapy for Children

• Physical Therapy for Bones, Muscles and Joints

• Physical Therapy for the Elderly

• Physiotherapy for Injuries of the Nervous System

• Physical Therapy for Diseases of the Heart and Chest


National University of Physical Education Kharkiv

Graduate Studies:

Master’s and doctoral study in the disciplines of physiotherapy for two-year master’s study and a period of three years Ph.D.

MBA’s costs are US $ 3,200 per year and the cost of doctoral 3,600 dollars a year