Study in Ukraine


Ukraine is the second largest Eastern European country and it’s characterized by very important geographical location between the continent of Asia and Europe, where it’s the link between the two continents. Therefore it has been occupied more than once, but Ukraine has retained its identity, culture and charm, where he still has many archaeological and natural features which constitute an important factor of attraction for many tourists.

Bounded on the south Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, Russia and bordered to the east, north with Belarus, while its western border with waivers where each from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and from the south-west Romania and Moldova. Total area of ​​603,700 km 2 and with a coastline of 2782 km which puts it ranked 44 globally in terms of space. Ukraine occupies eighth place globally in terms of the number of tourists, according to the classification of the World Tourism Organization. Since the seven wonders of the Ukraine is the historical and cultural monuments in Ukraine.

Ukraine is also an education center attracts students from all over the world because of the educational system Eetmz efficiency, quality and international recognition as the school fees low compared to other countries of Western Europe, Canada and America.



The focus is on the practical side and applied in the educational process in the disciplines of applies. Also considered for the visa tuition Ukrainian easy and content by 99%. Fall Ukraine in the top ten countries in terms of the number of foreign students who are currently studying in Ukrainian universities, totaling approximately 45,000 students from around the world, which constitutes a significant proportion of the global market size for educational services. Ukraine also ranked 45 globally among the best higher education systems in the world. Ukrainian is the official language in Ukraine, while Russian is used on a large scale. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and its largest city, located in the northern center of the country on the Dnieper River.

Ukrainian currency in the country is Algervn (Gerven). Ukraine also is one of the developed countries in the heavy rail industry is the largest exporter of iron states and coal in the world market, where Ukraine produces nearly all types of transportation vehicles and spacecraft. And we are exported Antonov airplanes and KRAZ trucks for many of the world’s countries.

Ukrainian traditions dramatically Christianity affected, which is the dominant religion in the country, but Ukraine is one of the countries with different cultures and religious freedoms In recent times, began to increase the number of indigenous Muslims and this proportion to increase the number of Muslim students and they in the missionary trips in different cities of Ukraine summer vacations and have been building a large number of mosques in different cities such as Kiev, Kharkov , Dnepr ,Odessa and Sumi.