Prices list of the Ukrainian universities for the academic year 2020 – 2021

Important note: All prices and university fees below, is the Ukrainian government universities rates only and is registered with the UNESCO Global and internationally recognized, prices set forth below are the tuition fees for one academic year


  • $20008/MONTHS
  • Including hostel, medical insurance, residence card and 100% VISA guaranteed


  • $18008/MONTHS
  • Including hostel, medical insurance, residence card and 100% VISA guaranteed


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Additional Information


Important information for fraternity students at registration by page:

1) Registration for the preparatory year in English language or Russian language is open throughout the year .

2) For the academic year (2020-2021) First-year students and students after preparatory year and transferred students from other universities the deadline  to reach the Ukrainian territory and register is 01.11.2020 or you need to wait for the new academic year, which begins in September 1 every year.

3) Students who wish to study in English without preparatory year there is a language exam and the deadline to pass it and register is 01.11.2020, except some universities that’s working with the system of registration in the two semesters there registration ends 1/03/2021.

4) Photos certificates and passport must be scanned not by mobile devices. (Example)

The necessary documents for registration:

• school certificate success (baccalaureate)

• page marks (grades)

• the first page of the passport

• university degrees with page materials, estimates or grades for graduate students

Important notice to students who have completed the application After checking all information on the website, the service “Payment of postage and courier taxes” is available.
We draw your attention when you convert admission fees into tuition and shipping, a fee of 2.5% of the amount transferred is charged.
The discount rate includes the bank commission and the conversion of the national currency.

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