Ukrainian Academy of Medicine and Dentistry of Poltava

Ukrainian Academy of Medicine and Dentistry was founded in 1921 and owns five academic colleges as well as the Institute for Genetic Research and the Institute of immunological and other diseases and pharmacogenetics.

Taught in the academy today about 3,500 students, including 850 foreign students at the hands of Professor 463, 304 and 84 Dr. professor, assistant professor and 271, as well as 92 members of the Supreme Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

From 1999 to 2010, the Academy published more than 700 scientific research around the world and the academy received more than 106 patents in anatomy; physiology; dental surgery; biological chemistry; pathology; therapeutic dental medicine; Digestive Disease … etc

The Academy owns four buildings dedicated for university accommodation in which about 1850 students live and extension with the university housing library, reading rooms, a library eBooks and sports complex, and the camp health and fitness.

This is hands-on training academy for students in the 21 hospitals within and around the city.

University Colleges:

General Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Dental Technology, Graduate Studies, Preparatory College