Université nationale de Lviv pour le compte d’Ivan Franko

National University of Lviv one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. It established in the year 1661, and at that time it was the territory of Ukraine under the control of Poland.

This university bearing the writer and poet and the world Ukrainian Ivan Franko name is one of the main universities in the whole of Europe.

The organizational structure of the University of 18 faculties, 7 scientific research institutes, and an astronomical observatory, and library science, and 6 museums.

And studying at university today about 18,500 students, including more than 1,600 foreigners from more than 86 countries around the world.

It consists of teaching university body of professor in 1042, and 643 doctorate degree campaign, and 158 campaign professorship professor.

University “Ivan Franko” National is from one of the reputable prestigious universities, not only in Ukraine, and even in the whole of Europe; it has been signed 74 agreement for scientific cooperation with universities from Canada, Britain, France, Poland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and other countries, and its students are performing scientific training in both Slovakia, Canada, Britain, France, Poland, Germany and other countries.

University Colleges:

The economy, International Relations, Geography, Journalism, Mathematics, The Arts, History, Archeology, Astronomy, Philosophy, Geology, Physics, Electronics, Business Administration, Chemistry, Biology, Law, Political Science, Translation, Languages, Accounting, Graduate, Preparatory College